Saturday, April 16, 2011

New experiences

Our trip to Abu Dhabi provided lots of new experiences and visiting the mosque was one of the first.
I was required to wear the womens arabic dress called an abaya, which was surprisingly cool and very comfortable to be allowed to explore the mosque.  It was funny as Pete could not find me in the full garb as there were about 50 tourists all looking the same.  The architecture and design was amazing and the mere size of the mosque certainly made your realise your own place in the universe.
Pete was frantically taking photos of mosaics, gold platting, and the ceiling panels and inscriptions were very unique.

We also visited Ferrari World (Pete's choice of course) and pretended we were kids were the day, Pete went on the fastest rollercoaster and I just watched in horror and disbelief as it poured smoke and steam out the back as it raced away.  He came back totally overcome with adrenalin and thought I might like to join him for another ride - certainly not - it goes as fast as a formula one racing car.

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  1. Great photos! Back in Nelson I have a group of students making Arabian Mosque for the back set of stage challenge. All very impressed with your photos and that their doors replicate the real deal!
    Even on the other side of the world you are part of the Nayland community. Though they did say these are not your usual holiday snaps of at the beach!!
    Have a great few more days.
    See you soon Love Margie